Infrared Twin Tube

TOSHIBA Twin Tube Lamps offer a significant radiation power and an efficient mechanical strength which allows long heating possibilities.

These lamps are available in short, fast medium or medium wavelength, 8mm x 18mm, 23mm x 11mm and 33mm x 15mm diameter tube size.

Twin tube lamps are compatible with gold, or ceramic reflective coatings, the use of coatings enables an accurate aiming of the radiation and improve its efficiency.

The repartition of power can be adaptable depending on the construction of the filament and the wires can be on one end or on both ends of the lamp.

Custom sizes and construction are available upon request, please refer to the Request Form for Twin Tube lamps.

Benefits and features

  • Short-wave, fast medium-wave or medium-wave Infrared
  • Long life: 5000h on average
  • Instant response time
  • With or without reflector
  • High efficiency: more than 85% heat efficiency of full power
  • Flexible : special lamp designing service on demand is available
  • Clean and odorless: no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated